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The Heal Reel promotes healing through the art of cinematography and catharsis of storytelling.

Through our lifetime we construct a personal narrative through a multitude of stories.  Some stories are small pieces of our everyday lives, and some stories represent moments that forever alter our existence.  The mission of the Heal Reel is to raise awareness of how sharing our stories serves not only to heal ourselves but also to promote healing in others. 

The Heal Reel offers many healing opportunities to include:

  • Screenplay Competition:  accepting submissions of screenplays based on true stories that caused physical, emotional, mental or spiritual wounding to the screenwriter.  The winning screenplay is produced by a professional cast and crew.  Runner-up prizes include filmed table reads, curative "InnerViews" and artistic documentaries.

  • Screenwriting Seminars:  for writers that want to learn how to turn their story into a screenplay, screenwriting seminars are offered along with various healing modalities to assist in the delicate process of translating a traumatic event into cinematic art.

  • "InnerView":  share your story with an experienced interviewer while actively participating in various healing modalities such as sound frequency therapy and breathing techniques


Thanks for submitting!

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